Jolly Peasant

Jolly Peasant

Jolly Peasant is a collaborative artistic expression between designers Stephen and Sherry Reid.

Stephen is an impressionistic painter from Newfoundland who now resides in Nova Scotia, Canada. His heritage is clearly represented in his works that demonstrate his love of nature's endless beauty. Having started with watercolors over ink sketches, Stephen works almost exclusively in oils and acrylics these days; however, the occasional watercolor still appears on occasion.

Born in Canada and raised in rural Cape Breton, Sherry has always had a love of everything creative. She is mostly self taught and delights in evoking a myriad of emotions from her work. She primarily works in acrylics and water colors but likes to explore other areas of creative expression as well. She creates her art using brushes, pallet knives, and many other innovative tools. For Sherry, art is not a career, it is simply a part of who she is…she considers herself to be a free spirited, modern day gypsy.

If you are looking for a custom piece for your home or office, Jolly Peasant studio is happy to work with you to capture your vision on canvas.