Joline Renn

Joline Renn

I'm Joline Renn
Ever since I can remember, I loved color.

Born in New York State, Graduated from Broome in Binghamton New York.

From a child with crayons all over the walls, to my teenage days of creating with my airbrush. I enjoyed watching the colors move through each other to create rainbows within rainbows. It seemed to be another language.
I have always been able to recreate color by eye.

I have spent over 18 years in Las Vegas creating as a faux finish artist for over 2000 clients. I have always enjoyed seeing their joy when I finished their work and empathetically shared in that joy of appreciation. Now the day has come for me to express my truth in color and for everyone to feel the wonder that I feel when using them.

These pieces are meant to be viewed while you are relaxed and as you focus your mind will start to pull on the details creating your own experience, which I have found is individual perspective that my art brings forward.

These colors are an emotional expression of the elements that make up our beautiful world.
Please Enjoy!

Wild Growth