"One. Love." ~ "Peace. And. Justice."
~ "War for Love" ~ "Symphony of Sympathy" ~ "Classical Connections"~ "Freedom Choicest"

R Johnstone, age 24, female artist from Ventura, Ca.
Here's my story:

When I was younger I spent a lot of time delving into deeper thoughts about consciousness, perception and reality in our roles within the meaning of life. I'm not sure if there is a perfect answer to the subject really... Everything has an answer, maybe only some are worth pursuing. Believe that we as a species have a purpose and even if that's justifiably so, merely to exist... So too, there must be a reason for the vocations or a way for a personal ideal vision of true happiness to manifest; therefore I will take care to pursue that vision wholeheartedly.

Artist's Note: The intended purpose of this gallery is to help others by using our local Venturian art. We donate to charity organizations located around the world. Our roles in my gallery are to Ally together and with an annual donation. I'll see what is happening with my artwork and if any issues arise then reply to
Our mission is to notify you of each purchase made becoming available for one of the next two fund-based contributions to these projects/various charities. A larger size of picture will be added at your request for a refund. Help me to fund the people whom have had recent financial hardships. I am not able to come up with such pictures right away However your donation will be available for the use and accounted for. Thanks for your help and Love.