John Lechner

John Lechner

John Lechner is an Australian photographic artist specialising in breathtaking landscape
photography, with an underlying thirst for travel and exploration. Based in the Hunter Valley, NSW, Australia John travels his home country and the world to capture breathtaking moments and magical places.

John has always been a passionate traveller, taking his first international trip as a toddler and has visited over 20 countries since (and counting). John remembers having an old Kodak Disc camera as a young boy. Although he has progressed through many cameras and formats, John’s love for photography has remained as strong as ever. He remembers the anguish of losing a roll of 35mm film on a canal boat in Amsterdam during a trip in 2000.

Today John focuses on landscapes, particularly the golden hours at both ends of the day.
John is passionate about his craft and loves nothing more than climbing out of bed at 4am to capture a magical sunrise.

Being labeled courageous (and sometimes crazy), John recently gave up full-time employment after a life-changing event in order to chase his dream. John’s mantra of ‘Dream it, plan it, make it happen’ sees John's passions collide into a singular need and focus - to travel Australia and the world capturing the most beautiful sights.

John has exhibited his work in Australia, New York City and Philadelphia with offers to exhibit in Paris, Warsaw and many other renowned art’s cities. John is based in the Hunter Valley, known for its wines particularly its Shiraz varieties, the Hunter Valley has some stark and naturally beautiful landscapes.

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