John Barrett: Art for Meditative Spaces

John Barrett: Art for Meditative Spaces

It's impossible for me to compartmentalize my life into convenient categories and areas. One element informs and provides causes and conditions for others to change shape and evolve. Increasingly, my meditation practice informs the images that arise in various media, often unbeckoned.

I'm working on two projects fairly consistently these days; one is based on the rDzogs-Rim/Completion Stage in Vajrayana Buddhism. The other stems from studies on the Yijing/I-Ching/Book of Change and Taoism.

I began my artistic path as a child, continued it through attending the Glassell School of Art in Houston and later, the High School for the Performing and Visual Arts in Houston. I mostly concentrated on painting for much of my earlier post-high school years and wound up studying under and working with John O'Fiel through the early to mid-80s, at Hoodoo Press where we worked mostly in etchings, woodcuts, and monotypes.

Relocating to Boston, I continued to produce and show around the area and upon returning to Houston briefly to attend to a family matter for a couple of years, I continued to work on art, but mostly for myself. I entered a period of questioning why I was doing it, what it's value ultimately was and put aside any public display for a couple of decades. Upon discovering that my portfolio had been destroyed in a flood caused by a hurricane in Houston a few years after living in Boston, I felt free to move on. Honestly, I've never been acquisitive nor particularly interested in clinging to things, even if those things are my own work.

In recent years, I've returned to "active duty" as an artist, rediscovering the joy and challenge of acting as a medium, as Paul Klee would have it, and following wherever the creative spirit leads.

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