John Horne

John Horne

I have been an artist since I was old enough to pick up a pencil. Give me a canvas, a camera, a kitchen, a workshop, a guitar, or a computer and I will create something. The only limit is my imagination and that has never slowed down.

From the small town in New Mexico where I was born, to the small town in Idaho where I live now, it has been a long strange trip.

Art, like writing and music, has always been a pleasure and an escape, and a chance to create my own world, something that came in handy during my time overseas in the military. Sometimes I plan the art, and sometimes I think it controls me.

A camera and computer has greatly expanded the opportunities to create my masterpieces, and I am always looking for new ideas, which come to me at times faster than I can even remember them.

My work is hanging in my home, family homes, and in private collections all over the world, including a Presidential Library collection.

I hope you enjoy my art as much as I love creating it.