Hello there,
I'm a bay area stylist, artist & musician. I've been doing my own art & music since I was around 10 year's old. I play drums, guitar & keyboard. Although out of the 3 I think I prefer the drums because I accelerated so much faster & it was always a good outlet for me & drawing as well. Now my drawings have kinda slowed down & I don't tend to sketch out my work, but instead just put it all on the canvas with my brush of whatever med I choose . I have a love for dark art & it shows a lot on my newest artwork. I don't stick to a certain kind of style & understand most artist do. I really feel like myself when I can do whatever I want to do when it comes to my own art. I do have my favorite mediums... Acrylics, charcoal, colored pencils, mixed media, although I would like to experience more & most likely will in the future.

Into The Light

Don't let the Darkness out