John Catalfamo

John Catalfamo

My experience started in the sign industry as a Sign Painter and Calligrapher for a local company where I painted large sign panels, Real estate Signs, Billboards, Illustrations and logos, Full architectural renderings for construction sites, and vehicle lettering. When the sign industry was introduced to the computer industry I was forced to learn the graphics applications needed to make vinyl lettering. " no more paint brushes" Although I tried to hang on to the old way as long as I could the world of Computerized Vinyl Graphics was underway and there was no stopping it. The one thing I didn't see is how it would form my career instead of breaking it.

Making Changes with Technology The PC became faster and more reliable while the industry insisted on even better results, they got the taste and they liked it. Well it wasn't long before the printers where getting work done by the sign people and the other way around. Then I found a position with a large printer that needed a manager for his sign business, which offered both printing and signs.

My world was changing faster than I could keep up with and I found it necessary to take on some technical training. Well a lot of training to be truthful, I went to Computer Visions and New Horizons a spent years learning everything I could about graphic design software and web design. Now I am a full time website UI UX designer for NYS NYBE and I just love the work.

So now at the young age of 61 I've started to paint again doing everything from wildlife to sea life and landscape. I have always loved my art and now I'm have so much fun with it.

While it is true that certain types of art are more popular than others, it is my personal belief that holding true to your own style will serve you best. What I love the most is wildlife and so that's the type of work I do most.

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