John Tiberius aka Johny Rebel

John Tiberius aka Johny Rebel

I born in 1960 / Hungary
Living in Bathgate, Scotland.
My legal name is Janos Tibor Szijarto.
John Tiberius is my stagename, AKA Johny Rebel.
I beginned my career in the graphic workshop of MOKEP, the Hungarian State Movie Distributing Company as a deputy giantposter painter. We painted the giantposters manually, there were no digital printing techniques...
My first independent work was a 20x10 feet movitheater sized poster showing the film's premiere in Hungary, Mr Coppola's Apocalypse Now, in 1980.
After the MOKEP I became an employee of the Hungarian State Police. Taking pictures of accident and crime scenes.
In 1987, I was unfaithful to photography work. Then I drove to a video distribution network business in Budapest, agent TISZAFILM MOVIE Ltd.
Photo and video I went back to work in 1995. I made commercial photos and videos under orders international trade publishers and distributors. Since 2007 I work as a freelance photographer, but in 2013 the foundations of the past once again tried to make some drawings and oil paintings as decoration.

I'm not an artist.
I'm not a master.

They are at me with a lot better.

What can I present:
- 26 years of photographer and videographer practice
- More than 2.000 prepared commercial videos in 60 to 120 mins
- More than 1.000 prepared commercial video clips in 2 to 10 mins
- More than 500.000 prepared commercial and sold still photos
- Many many accident and criminal scene photos
- Some practice sceneries, lighting and dresses
- Some of the dozens of paintings, drawings and prints.

I like it what I do.
I have new ideas always yet.
Only a freelancer - I am a photographer who make paintings and graphics sometimes.

Thank you for your kind interest!

Best regards:


Portraits - 6 images

History - 6 images

Ballerinas - 8 images

Animals - 5 images

Landscapes - 6 images

Erotic art - 9 images

Fruits, vegetables - 2 images

People from the world - 3 images

Female feet - 3 images

Rust cemetery - 1 image

Flowers - 1 image