Joe Dietl

Joe Dietl

Joe Dietl is a working actor in Los Angeles, with a career that has included guest spots and leads on TV and Film as well as the creator and star of the hit gay web series, Where the Bears Are. Joe began painting in 2012 where he quickly found a love for Plein air painting. His paintings reflect the vibrancy and culture of the unique east side LA neighborhoods that he has lived and created in for the last 20 years.

Artist Statement:

I have always been excited by art. I love to see the play of colors and bold brush strokes that are especially evident in Impressionist paintings. I enjoy plein air painting where I am outside painting in the real world and having to make choices quickly as the light and shadows are constantly changing. Trying to capture the essence of the location as quickly as possible brings an immediacy and looseness to my paintings that I really enjoy. I am inspired by lots of artist, my favorites including Van Gogh, Hockney, Basquiat and Diebenkorn.