Joanna Sokolowska

Joanna Sokolowska

Artist - painter and sculptor from Warsaw (born in 1984). Recipient of Fulbright Scholarship in 2013, she studied at the Massachusetts College of Art in Boston, USA, where she received her MFA degree in May 2015. Her education is both artistic and linguistic, both in Poland and abroad. Earlier she received MA degree in English Philology at the Institute of Applied Linguistics - Warsaw University (2009); BA degree at the College of English Language Teacher Education- Warsaw University (2006); Master of Fine Arts degree at the Department of Sculpture - Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw (2012); Erasmus scholarship at the Department of Sculpture - Academy of Fine Arts in Rome, Italy (2009/2010). She exhibited her works in Poland, Italy and USA.
Her paintings and sculptures revolve around the theme of human being, his interior emotions, life, psyche. Her most common topic is portrait, human face. She combines elements of realism with expressive, emotional quest for power of expression. As she says, „Form me, the human form is like a temple; a sphere of sacrum, which encompassed the richness of emotions and experiences. These states of mind are sources of exploration for me to seek those binding qualities that make us human. Sculpture and Painting is a way for me to convert intangible feelings into three-and two-dimensional forms.”

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