O'Rear Art

O'Rear Art


I am a self-taught artist. I am a creative writer as well. I have won grants fro playwriting and fiction writing from The Kentucky Arts Council and The Kentucky Foundation for Women. Currently I have a literary agent who is beginning to shop my books to major publishers.

I was born in the suburbs of Northern Kentucky, but live in Brooklyn. I have lived in NYC for the better part of ten years now. Is this why I feel the need to disrupt things with images?

I’ve always been bold with my artwork. I primarily follow my feelings toward a subject as I draw and paint and my instincts. Intellectual decisions come lastly. Because it is a process of exploration, I am transformed by the process of making my art. I like to call my work 'Emotional Realism' because I use an 'Objectivist Poet's' approach to making art, allowing my feelings toward the subject to dominate.

Free and loose lines are sometimes exaggerated, sometimes non-literal, and yet manage to make the subject appear more real than a literal interpretation.

The point is for the subject to still the busyness of our environment; it is a reaction to the internet/information age. This disruption grounds the viewer in place, providing a transformative experience. Diane Arbus's "In-Your-Face" art is an influence.

I began my drawing and painting career working solely in black and white. Now half my work is black and white.