Jeff’s background as an artist covers a wide range of experience. His talents as an art director, illustrator and senior graphic designer for a variety of companies in the Denver, Boulder area lasted over 20 years. This includes illustration and publication of books and magazines, educational materials K-12, multimedia projects for Fortune 500 companies, web design, adverting and marketing. He also worked as a video game designer. To say the least, his professional life has offered him a wide range of experience.

After retiring from the world of graphic design he has returned to where he started, painting and drawing. He now dedicates his time to caring for his company, He offers reproductions of his paintings and illustration. You will find a wide variety of greeting cards and High quality art prints available to the public. He is constantly adding new artwork to the site.

What leisure time he finds is filled with he enjoys most, his family; his wife of 42 years, his children and grandchildren. He loves gardening and taking care of his collection of house and bonsai plants. Jeff loves getting out and taking photos of Colorado for his paintings and drawings. Fly fishing is one of his most treasured pleasures. This is his therapy and rejuvenation of the soul time. With support of people like yourself he can continue to produce new works that he is happy to share. He welcomes your comments.

You can contact him through his website, /