JLWells Art

JLWells Art


I abandoned Art for 10 years, unaware of the hold it still had over me.

It was only until i became unhappy, felt misplaced and was apprehensive about the future, that i started painting and illustrating in my downtime whilst visiting family in the states.

In my early teens i drifted in and out of selling portraits, carrying around my work folder trying to make money.
I used to sit for hours copying Laurie Lipton and Da vinci and remember my first experiences of feeling just helpless by exceptionally beautiful Art, the smile it brought me everytime.

I am fascinated by how Art can bring people together and wasn't going to ignore my abilities or the overwhelming desire i have to make Art, so i made a wholehearted decision to really pursue it.

My work is gritty, very experimental and will take risks, Its a window into my inmost heart as my thoughts, observations and surroundings seep into my work.