I've always enjoyed drawing and painting. As a gift my father gave me a small oil painting set. I was a teenager then. Later I took high school's boring tempera, and icky paper mache' classes. I took various fine art courses at a local University. I entered mall art shows. There were some outside shows also. I decided to try mail art portfolio. I would send my art to art publishers, greeting cards, magazines, etc.
I was featured in Cat Fancy magazine, often the show page. Followed by Bird Talk, Dog fancy occasionally. I did an angelfish featured in Freshwater and Marine aquarium magazine. Then there was Cats & Kittens magazine. I did Christmas paintings for a greeting card and poster company located in the Berkshires.
Currently I'm working in mixed media. Primarily watercolors and acrylics.

Still Life Paintings

Animal Adagio

The Circus

West and Wayward