Most of my work is spontaneous and haphazard. Sometimes I try to get all serious and it just feels and looks forced. Art is a great therapy for me and a way to escape to a special place I like to share with anyone willing to join along. I don’t try to express any political, religious or social commentary. It’s not all pretty pictures and beautiful skyline sunsets, puppies, kittens, or a joyous celebrations. Some of my work might be downright unappealing to some. I’m okay with that. If you like it, great, if you don’t I still thank you for taking a few seconds to look.
My parents introduced art creativity into their children’s lives from the start. Both great artists in several mediums, we were exposed to and encouraged to create our own. I’m forever grateful for that early learning experience. If you have actually read this whole bunch of mumbo-jumbo I commend you. Thanks, Jim

Bubble Crumbs

Rustic furniture

Acrylic paint