jlallen artfull designs

jlallen artfull designs


Growing up in Boston as the daughter of a fine artist (painter and print-maker) and scholar of art history, I developed a deep appreciation for art in all of its flavors. In particular, line, color, form and texture have always fascinated me; I look for them everywhere - in the shapes of words, and the patterns of nature, the built world and design. It is all around me in endless variety.

I have carried this fascination over in to the Master of Arts that I received in Whole Systems Design from Antioch University in Seattle. The systems in which we live and work, and all of their complexity, provide me with so many opportunities to reflect and ponder the design of the world and the lived environment that surrounds us.

It is only within the past couple of years that I began my own artistic exploration in earnest. With pen, markers, an abundant array of colors and surfaces upon which to play, I have let loose the patterns, shapes and colors that enthrall me. My work is organic; it wells forth from within, and has a life of its own, and the colors I use tell their own tales. The world is my coloring book. Shapes and patterns are my flights of fancy.
I look for patterns and designs everywhere, and incorporate them in to all of my work. I tend to work small, usually no larger than 8 x 10, and I simply let my pen in hand take over. I enjoy mixed-media, utilizing Micron pens, Sharpies and other bright markers, watercolors, inks, often incorporating textures and other embellishments for additional interest. Occasionally, I even include words that inspire. As I evolve, so will my art - ever growing and changing. I like to think that my art comes from a place of hope and joy

I think of my pieces as being 'artfull designs' – flowing, weaving and with a touch of whimsy. I hope that you find something that calls to you, and brings a wee bit of joy in to your life!


Word Art

Texture Mosaics