Jacek is an art painter from Poland who has lived in Tunbridge Wells since March 2006. Born in 1947 he studied between 1973 – 1978 in the University MA Academy of Fine Arts in Poland, Wroclaw. ( school – branch of former Bauhaus Arts academy )

In 1978 he graduated with a Degree in the Department of Painting and Sculpture in the field of painting. Jacek then proceeded to take part in various solo and shared exhibitions in Poland. During this time he worked as a freelance art designer creating posters, leaflets etc. In addition, he designed and painted several murals and huge advertisements on outside walls for companies in Poland.

In 1991 he set up his own art gallery in Krakow where he organised several exhibitions in Poland and abroad, plus a small screen printing studio where he printed posters and leaflets for his gallery and others.

Sadly, Jacek unexpectedly lost this art gallery in 2001: his property was seized by the local mafia in Krakow. In 2005 he decided to come to England, firstly to settle in Farnborough then a year later he moved to Tunbridge Wells, working as a care assistant. By 2007 his pull towards working in the field he loved led him to rent a Studio where he began in earnest to paint, mainly “Still life” in oil on canvases. In 2015 jacek moved to Hastings in East Sussex where he has his studio.

Jacek’s paintings are in private collections in Poland, Germany, France, Canada, USA, England, Japan.

Still life with a cup of tea

Still life with cards

"Morning coffee"