The Bishops Tavern

The Bishops Tavern

Hi folks,In all honesty I find it difficult doing this( I've never been very good at self promotion) but it was suggested heavily to me that I should write some sort of a bio and explain my particular thingus so here it is. At this point I'm very tempted to open up with a line of Steve Martin's but I will not.

I was born in Buffalo New York in 1959, My parents grew up in a secular family and in their college Years they found God, and so( in the most reasonable and fully conscious way) I grew up in a fairly religious environment,.that fact coupled with the whirling explosion of a decade the 70s which ā€œ made the 60s look like the 50sā€.. at times i felt as though i was in a fractal vortex with forces as strong as gravity pulling at my north and south. my father A history professor, was a very well-read and even-keeled type and had a lot of friends that' we're interesting a lot of them were movers and shakers in academic world there were artists and people of all kinds before it was fashionable it was bold and enlightened for the year. I thank my parents for that because in retrospect I have this databank in my mind of a wide swath of interesting people. My father was also a book collector and that was like living in the internet at the time. I always remember looking through the images of some of the ancient historical sites and being struck by the majesty of history and its all encompassing wonder. all that that imagery stuck with me and it may be embedded a bit in everything that I do.Throughout the 60s my folks were sort of academic vagabonds. They along with me went from place to place as the need arose while my father was working on his Ph.D we lived in the number of spots, in Canada for a brief period of time and then we came to the North Shore of Boston and crawled in like crab finding its displaced shell.I went boat building school for a while when I was a teenager and got very passionate about that and still am. I finished school while I continued working as a carpenter and honing my skills in woodworking, it was something that I really loved and still love today, I got married and have two amazing children now in or aproachin there thirties and as will happen sometimes that changed as as i met the love of my life along the trail the one thing that I can say was like a fire in me all through was the creative endeavor. I've always picked away at instruments and I began to take the guitar very seriously I had the opportunity to play in the number of bands and and do solo stuff and it's still a good friend to this day. when I think of my youth growing up I really feel as though it filled my mind with an endless amount of ideas I don't seem to have any problem coming up with subject matter .in my art i bury all sorts of imagery sort of like the cave paintings hopefully stimulating the visions under the surface of what we see is a reality they bubble up sweet scent of jasmine or sininister stink of some dark matter. they blump to the surface of our reality and poke through.

{this is an example of one small section of one i am working on at the moment}

I also enjoy doing just pure natural landscapes and then story paintings which contain characters which may be akin to children's book illustrations
since I had the skill of carpentry I had never really had to think of any of the other creative Endeavors as anything but just fulfilling for my soul but in the early 2011I was bit by a lyme tick and contracted Lyme disease it has been a battle ever since.Over this past winter I almost lost the battle.I lost almost 40 pounds and ended up in the hospital off and on with secondary complications. I really feel as though I have reached a point where it's time to put it out there and I'm sure there'll be a lot to learn along the journey
Ps .I am trying to learn all this tech but its a new language to an old carpenter/artist human such as me!

scanned images coming

Original Acrylic Paintings

Digitized Art

current pieces not scanned yet comin