I was born in 1957 in Pau (64) and I spent all my adolescence in Hautes-Pyrénées where I did my secondary education. It was quite late during my English university studies in the early 80's that I was gradually attracted by the image and its composition. At the age of 28 I really started to take a lot of pictures after buying my first SLR camera, a Pentax ME Super. I immediately appreciated the sharpness and the contrast of the image and that's what encouraged me to try to perfect my shot. I quickly went to slides that allowed me to continue to do many shots at a lower cost through the reduced price of development.
Since 1985 I have owned several other SLR cameras that have all brought me a lot of satisfaction and currently I have a Nikon F5, a Nikon F100 and a Nikon D600.
My self-taught photographic journey has also been through the black and white laboratory for about 15 years. It's the recent digital invasion that has led me to practice black and white more irregularly in recent years, but there's nothing like the magic of the lab to give you the satisfaction of having all done by yourself in the creation of your photo. With some reluctance I moved to the digital age without dropping the film. While digital photography is still struggling to dethrone silver photography in terms of quality, the practical and economic aspect far outweighs and has in any case accelerated the democratization of photography.
Photography is in my opinion the way to reveal in the world and fix all that is too stealthy so that our eye has time to grasp it. It is also the way to bring out the beauty and harmony in everything around us, even in what seems to us devoid of charm and interest at first.