Jim Zalewski Artist

Jim Zalewski Artist


My name is Jim Zalewski. I am an artist, It took me a lifetime to say that and feel comfortable about it. Artists don't get a fair evaluation by society and it is not necessarily the artist's fault. Exploitation of the artist as a means to financial gain via market needs and the belittling of an artists efforts while praising their so-called innate talents have left both artist and average person confused about what a working artist is and what an artist does. I am driven by a need to clarify and rectify some of these misconceptions. I try to do this both through my art and through my social interactions. i believe that working artists who in earnest have chosen to follow a passion to create an a means to make a living should have a better lot in life and a more respected stature. We have the means and the tools to change hearts and minds. Our time is now. Through cooperation and unity we can achieve success.. Stop competing, Stop comparing, Compliment each other, Encourage each other, Support each other, Buy from each other. Make us all stronger. Let society see us as confident proud and strong and we shall have the world on our side rather than the side that has set things up to keep us down.

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