Hello, my name is James, I am now 68 years old and although I am Scottish, I now live in the Netherlands.

I have a lot of experience in the art world from both sides as a gallery owner (Glasgow and Manchester) and as an artist. I retired early, bought a sailboat and spent 10 years cruising the Greek islands. In 2014 I sold my boat and I moved to the Netherlands. Although I painted a lot while traveling, it is difficult to set up a studio on a small sailboat with everything you need. During that time I mainly did a lot of sketches and studies. After my move, I decided to pursue my passion seriously and started painting full time.

What is my art philosophy and style. Well first of all, I think art is like love. It is worthless if it is locked in your heart. It only becomes valuable when you let it go. It is my greatest pleasure to know that someone likes so much of what I have made that they are willing to spend their lives and share their homes with it.

My style I'm not sure how to describe it. It is impressionistic, abstract, figurative. I have an idea what I want to do. I start sketching to see what is developing. I then apply the paint and follow my instincts and work quickly and loosely. As it develops, I slow down and begin to study it. I then start fine-tuning it and at the end I hope that I have something that people like. I often use a palette knife instead of a brush, depending on what I want to achieve with the painting.

A Thought "Art is like life, only you can make sense of it"

fluid art

Garden at night

the Simple Life

Making Music



birds and animals

riders on the storm

The Greek Cafe

The Story

stormy colours


Fashion statement