Jim Ballman

Jim Ballman


Jim Ballman

Transformed Abstract Artist

If truth be told, Jim doesn’t really know how it happened. It was as if after what seemed like a life time of contemplation and anticipation, it just did. It was like a door opening to greet his most inner being.

In the beginning, it was as if an explosion of shapes and color were being thrown all about so he went to search for help in understanding what to do with all these shapes and colors. Filamore Palomo Alcon owner of the Guam Gallery of Art offered insight about the use of “Island Colors” in his paintings, and the journey began.

He combines acrylic, ink and pastels in all of his work. The use of color explodes with each and every piece which energizes, creates a feeling of tranquility, and always challenges a creative mind.

It has been said that Jim’s work has its own UNIQUE VOICE and his choice of colors in each painting is part of the MAGIC that helps promote introspective feelings of well being for individual interpretations.

Like many self taught artists Jim believes that one day you just begin pouring yourself out little by little, until your work begins to take on a personality that is yours alone.

Inspiration can come in many forms, but for Jim, inspiration comes daily from Him who provides for all his needs.

ALL PROCEEDS WILL BE DONATED TO justBible Ministries for the well digging of the Kenya Church justbibleministries.org/justbible-church---kenya.html