Jim Vincent

Jim Vincent


Jim Vincent has been painting for over 45 years, having studied at the Ruskin School of Drawing & Fine Art in Oxford. He has worked in a wide variety of media, including etching and silkscreen, oils, acrylic and mixed-media. Over his long painting life he has produced portraits, landscapes, interiors and abstract works. Major influences have included Fauvism and Expressionism.

In addition to responding to portrait and landscape commissions he has exhibited in London, Brighton and Oxford, England, and on the Internet.

Within recent years he has produced a series of portrait paintings based on black and white photographs dating from the 1940s and 50s and a series of over forty abstract paintings in which he has explored the relationship between music and painting, experimenting in expressing the emotions arising from a non-plastic art form (music) through the medium of a highly plastic art form (painting). Most of these latter works incorporate actual music scores as collage thereby creating a tangible link between the non-plastic and the plastic.

During 2010 he produced a new series of paintings with the generic title “Imaginary Landscapes”. These are mixed-media works which are bright, fun, accessible and entertaining. These formed the core of a highly successful one-man show at the Cornerstone Arts Centre, Didcot, England in May/June 2011.

During 2015 he has begun experimenting with painting by means of a computer tablet and producing high-quality Giclee prints. This medium allows for the use of fabulously bright and flamboyant colour. A selection of those images has been chosen for this present gallery.