Jimb Fisher

Jimb Fisher


Jimb Fisher is a seasoned graphic designer, illustrator, and occasional animator, whose commercial work tends toward an inoffensively “fun” look, and is, therefore, devoid of deeper meaning.

Painting, however, is where his more deranged, deviant, and (perhaps) disturbing side shows. Fortunately, he never loses sight of a playful attitude, relishing the opportunity to "take the piss" even with the darkest of subject matter – a direct result of his strict adherence to a classic punk rock aesthetic.

It is his goal to convey ideas that may sometimes confound, but never seem obvious (or necessarily logical), much in the tradition of his art idols from Hieronymus Bosch to Jack Kirby to Robert Williams. But his inspiration relies just as heavily on figures associated with peripheral creative media – Stanley Kubrick, Terry Gilliam, John Krickfalusi, Tom Waits, The Dead Kennedys, Hunter S. Thompson, Bill Hicks, etc.

Born, raised, and a lifelong resident of LA's westside, Jimb (the B is silent... as in dumb) graduated from Santa Monica High School and Loyola Marymount University. He has scant formal training as a painter, but has versed himself well in the techniques of others. As his friends will attest, graphic art has been his true calling all along, despite his forays into radio, music production, screenwriting, playing in a band, and all those other diversions that have made him a jack of all trades (and consequently, a master of none).

Jimb has recently dedicated himself to creating more art that plumbs the depths of his imagination rather than cater to restrictive commercial markets. Consequently, he now faces a future of malnutrition and increased alcohol consumption.