Simpson Art

Simpson Art

Throughout my life I have enjoyed art in its many forms, I started painting back in 2015 by having tuition from a local artist. This all came about by having time on my hands whilst caring for my mother at home.

During my learning process | was encouraged by my tutor to display some of my art in a local gallery and to much of my delight I sold a piece! For me, it was not so much about the sale but the fact the someone else appreciated my work.

My portfolio includes land and seascapes in watercolour and abstract work in acrylic. Out of the two I prefer watercolour as this is what I first started with and when painting with watercolour you have to plan in advance your design and this enhances my creativity.

In 2018, I received a lot of offers for private commission work. This year, I have really enjoyed experimenting with different types of media and different concepts. My most recent addition is a selection of 20 x 20cm box-frame pieces with foil characters aimed at young children.