Jill Marino

Jill Marino


I have been an artist since I was old enough to hold a pencil. I am a graduate of Paier College of Art, in Connecticut, with a degree in graphic communication. I have been a creative professional throughout my entire career.

The majority of my career has been as a creative director in the fields of marketing and advertising. I have always continued my fine art path throughout the years by painting murals, drawing portraits, creating art for people, and drawing for pleasure. In 2016 I started to focus more energy to this part of my life, painting and drawing what I find beautiful.

I consider myself an impressionist artist, not confined to one particular medium. I enjoy experimenting with mixed mediums, acrylics and pastels, watercolors and pastels, water soluble oils and oil pastels. My art uses bold colors and large focal points within the paintings. I am inspired by nature, animals, people around me, and beautiful scenery.


Pastel Paintings


Commissioned Work