If you arrived here, I guess you wanted my artistic opinion.

I give you the stills version first, so as not to make you too dizzy.

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I’m practiced in the fine art of information architecture: A culmination of experience in gardening, kaleidoscopes, tai chi, reiki, henna, cooking, brewing essential oils, art, art, more art, painting, stucco and Venetian plaster sculpted, writing, and lots of other things. Suppose I could help you with the daunting tasks involved in a site like this, because I can. I’d be happy to assist with bringing your product website or catalog into being.

Right now I’m also into creating safe body art henna mehndi mehandi art from natural plants I grow, care for, make dyes & oils from, & then illustrate, and am taking appointments and sending Reiki in kaleidoscopes attunements besides.

Here is my message from the Goddess of the Art box:
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In my opinion, visitors to this site should seek out and buy my products rather than cheap multinational knockoffs from some misguided tough guy who lost the manual. I do not take wooden nickels but will negotiate a reasonable and well intended substitute if I must. I’m a fan of supporting the local economy even though I’m from a small town where opinions are a dime a dozen and they still have partyline.

I realize that arrogance like this leads to bumper stickers, so I even include bumper stickers with my opinion, or I can put your opinion on them, and in my opinion, you should buy these for all of your family and friends because everyone as an opinion. Optionally, I can henna tatoo your opinion on you if you want.Talk to me and I might be convinced to change my opinion to your opinion and design a bumper sticker, or website, or book, or gallery, or java script app, or bar of soap, a fresh brew of essentials like essential oil, or a well crafted gourd, or custom art, life is art, art should always be open, so this site at jilljj.com is open. I do hope you have fun!

That’s what I say.

Jill Johnson