J.H. Freedman

J.H. Freedman


J. H. Freedman has always been fascinated the deconstruction of genres and tropes. The fantasy genre's relationship with magic has been a particular topic of interest. He developed a baseline understanding of multimedia through Alfred State University of New York; and worked in a variety of mediums including film, graphic design, and interactive media.

His visual art excels when crafting an analogue aesthetic through digital techniques. This can be seen in the animation “Another Man’s Treasure” and the illustration collection “pages." Through reconstructing traditional style in the digital age, he hopes to capture beauty we take for granted in both the gallery and the screen.

Lately he has been learning programming to develop independent interactive art and improve his knowledge of user experience (UX). It's the beginning of a transitional journey. Thank you for taking it with me.


Comissioned Portraits