Art by J. F. Bautista

Art by J. F. Bautista

J. F. Bautista, the man behind jfbart and Art by Bautista

I’m an Architect by trade, I gained recognition for my computerized 3D work creating architectural visualizations for all projects I’m involved with, using Bentley BIM Architecture, Autodesk BIM Revit, Solibri, Navisworks, Adobe Photoshop, etc.

My architecture is mostly: Industrial, Assembly, Business, Educational, Factory, Hazardous, Institutional, Residential, Storage and Master-planning.

My architectural services might include: feasibility studies, site selection, master planning, assessments, planning, schematic design, design development, 3D visualizations of the project, to name a few, but two variables remain constant: Life safety and principal involvement throughout the project lifecycle.

Art and Architectural work of J. F. Bautista