My name is Joshua Farrell and I was born in Glendale, CA. My family and I have lived in the central Texas town of Lockhart and made it our home for the last 20 years. I have been making metal sculptures and selling them since 1992 to clients in California, Guatemala, Honduras and Texas.

Before settling down to raise a family in the Lockhart/Luling, Texas area in 1994, growing up as a child I lived in California, Texas, Belize and Guatemala, Central America. As a youth I lived in New York City in my early twenties for three year. Working in my own fathers art studio since the age of 10, this had a great influence on me growing up.

Living in the many different and diverse locations and always have my hand in art in one way or another, I have been self taught in my own technique and skills, and have developed a method that is different and makes my three dimensional art easy to understand and interpret. Using black iron metal and acrylic paints I have been able to produce many styles and subjects that our reflections of my life experiences and memories.

In the future I hope to update this web sight with my other art mediums - sketches, drawings, paintings and carvings, current and past projects.

See more art at: jfarrellart.com