Jessica Pierson

Jessica Pierson

I am interested in human interactions with the natural world, especially the wide variety of plants, animals, insects, and weather phenomena we encounter on the central plains. Our interactions with these creatures and situations can be simple and wholly straightforward, or deeply imbued with meaning born from memories or centuries-old shared stories and ceremonies. My compositions are often shaped by a strong sense of belonging to a place; the North American plains. I try to reflect the many levels of relation to the broad community of living things in a way that is personally truthful.

I frequently choose bold and highly contrasting colors in order to allude to the inherent power and passion in the subject matter. I also like to juxtapose dimensional focal points against flattened, representational backgrounds, or vice versa in order to create mild dissonance and contrast. Lines speak strongly to my sense of order and rhythm, and I am inspired by all types of line drawing, from ancient cave paintings to current animation. I love using pattern and repetition to break up solid areas. Tiny designs help me to explore the energy and movement in every seemingly still space.

I am based in Oklahoma City, my life-long home. I attended Putnam City North High School from 2001-2005. In 2006, I began a career as a production support service provider for local and regional film and commercial projects. I currently work at ACTS Acting Academy, a top regional camera acting studio in OKC, and freelance in production support. I am an animal lover, a casual runner, an avid theatre-goer.

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