Jesse Cochran

Jesse Cochran

My name is Jesse Cochran, and I like to create art, and music has been an inspiration for me to create it. Also, I am a Law of Attraction and Bitcoin enthusiast, and I love Super Mario and WWF Attitude. Oh, and Mushroomhead, Tool, SlipKnoT, anything metal. And I can be politically biased, but I try not to be.

I am transforming the concept of fake album covers. Sure, they were meant to be a game at first, like you randomly take a Wikipedia article, and split it into three parts, and then make a pretend album cover out of it. I did do that for my high school computer graphics class, if I remember correctly.

However, the way I look at pretend album covers...I make them as if I were doing it for a real album, and for real songs. On top of that, I try to make my album cover BE the album itself, and not the music. On top of that, I got further inspiration from this from Tool, because although they are real musicians, they like to be visual, especially Adam Jones the guitarist. They think like Temple pictures.

Speaking of Temple Grandin, I do have autism, but it must be well noted that I should be known for my art and not my disability. Just sayin'.