Darkhorse Farms Art Studio

Darkhorse Farms Art Studio


Horses are my passion. I have drawn and painted horses most of my life. I really watercolor painting as well as ceramics but it wasn't until I was taught the basics of wet felting that I found the medium I really loved. I love the depth and color that I can create with wool. I love large pieces of artwork so by making multiple sections I can create large life size wall hangings. With this new medium I have also begun to explore other subject matter.

I sketch out my art piece on a large piece of plastic and with 100% raw wool I start piecing the wool together to make the design and color come to life. I then wet the wool with soap and water and begin to work the wool by hand. I roll it is a large piece of bubble wrap and massage it for 45 minutes to 1.5 hours, however long it takes for the wool to begin to marry and felt together. From the wet stage to the felted stage the image will shrink up to 1/3 of the size. Some images and colors take on a life of their own during this stage.

Hope you enjoy my take of this very old technique of rug and tapestry making.