Jes Mari

Jes Mari

This is dedicated to all mental health survivors. I have struggled with my own emotional and mental challenges but still have hope. Each individual can have a beautiful place in life, and I wish us all love and contentment.

I love to imagine possibilities. Art is a potential reality of creative envision that constantly inspires me to create more. There is no promise in creativity, but that is what is so exciting.

I want to display my work as a strength of character. I have lived with PTSD for most of my life. I have to constantly remind myself that every moment of life is a continual process of overcoming that which I fear in myself.

Every single one of us are given gifts that we may, or often, may not fully realize or understand. I have never considered myself an artist—if I compare my own creations to those around me I become lost in the fabric.

I learned early on that art has a prominent place in my life; it’s a place of compassion, self-forgiveness, love, blessing, and promise.

Thank you for being a part of my own vision and art world. Please feel free to express your thoughts and feelings as you view my personal world. I hope you feel at ease and inspired.


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