Jes Hooper Freehand Pyrography Art

Jes Hooper Freehand Pyrography Art

My name is Jes, and I am a free hand pyrography artist living in Brighton, on the south coast of England.

My passion is woodburning oak what I can only describe to be the most ruggedly beautiful material in its aesthetic and folk character. I draw and burn what I love: animals, nature, and patterns that remind me of the places I've seen whilst travelling. I like to use pointillism, to create both delicate and heavily shaded imagery with an added story as a dedicated process. I love the all consuming nature of pointillism, which I feel does justice to a material that requires so much time in its life to mature, and then so much time after life to season. I carefully select each piece of oak based upon the drawing that will be etched and burned into its surface. I like to incorporate the grain and work with the natural contorts of the wood. I only use natural products to finish my art, bees wax and Tung Oil to name examples, both come from nature. I use unwanted clothes for rags, and all my left over's (which are very few!) are burned in our fire place to keep us warm. In pyrography I found a way to connect with my passions, to live an environmentally friendly low impact lifestyle, and focus my thoughts on animals, nature, and travelling, the things which make me happy.

On an average day you can find me in my studio where I can spend hours burning thousands upon thousands of dots into oak, to create pointillism art work. Failing that, I'll be wondering the Sussex Downs with my rescue dog Dylan (aka Dylan The Wonder Dog!).

I hope you enjoy looking at my gallery, please contact me if you would like to discuss a commission, and you can always visit my website to see my other works.

Tribal pyrography wall art