Jeronimo Rubio

Jeronimo Rubio

My Name is Jeronimo Rubio. I have been online for over 30 years now. I have done many things and met many good people in my travels surfing the net & in life in general and I know I will meet many more.

My Beautiful Princess Vanja Åvedal and My children our my life. Angeles Kateri an Inty Raimy. I love them more than there are stars in the sky above.

I am mix blood, Native (Apache) First Nation and half European (Irish, German).

I have respect for everything and everyone. I am kind, loving, generous, trustworthy and above all respectful.

I believe in the balance between Nature and Mankind. I believe that we should take care of what the creator has given us and not destroy it as if it means nothing.

I am a very outgoing person. I love being outdoors as well as a good video game now and then. I love movies (Especially horror films). I have been a graphic artist for 25+ years now and enjoy helping people where I can and where i am needed.

I am a good friend. If you are my friend there is no limit to what I will do for you. I enjoy good company and great conversation. I want peace and good health for all. I have a great sense of humor but know when to be serious as well.

I Love Powwows, Singing, Dancing, The Great Outdoors, Gardening, Great Food, I Cook & Clean (LOL), Outdoor Gatherings, Art, I craft Native Chokers, Leather Goods, Dream Catchers & above all I Love all for I am one with all.

The Great Spirit blessed all of us with the Power to Love. We should always use this Great Gift in Big Measures. For To LIVE is to LOVE...To Be LOVED is to LIVE... Always be a part of LOVE'S Dance.

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