Marrow Jerry Cabodel is my real / legal name. A Filipino artist born from the small town of Tacloban City, Leyte, Philippines. I earned a degree in Advertising and Painting in Manila, Philippines with a thesis garnered an average score of 97%.

Because of poverty, I was forced to work for my Mother and Sisters' necessity and Education until I found a greener pasture in the middle east to work in some Advertising and Graphic Companies from Senior Artist to a position as Associate Creative Director appointed by a certain British Senior / Veteran Creative Director Mr. Derek Robins from McCann Erickson, UK. I personally never engaged in any art exhibition because of my office works professionally. Painting was just my hobby and passion whenever I find time to relax. I may not that a sociable type of person but I am friendly, God fearing, soft hearted, kind and ....mysterious. Why mysterious? because half of my life people don't really know what exactly I am living for, and it will divulge in due time (probably after my earthly life).In fact I already wrote 15 custom made books 8 width x 10 height x 2 thick inches (500 leaves) each book and still continue while I am at my liberty to live in this world.
I may say an accidental / coincidental / adventitious / random book writer base on my personal mystical experiences. However, This is not for publication but for my personal mission and accomplishment thru a great endeavor in life.

At present, my Paintings are just being introduce publicly, selling them for a living to survive. I haven't been able to save any resources during my abundance at a time because of my love ones' stability I built.

Wealth is not my goal to achieve on earth, to live lives of joy and fulfillment and help others to do the same. ... But I do believe with all my heart the pursuit of riches can lead to great danger for my soul.