Thanks for taking a look at my profile.
I'm new on the artistic painting front and must admit I'm blown away by this new founded creative expression… So much so, that I want to share with you this journey I've discovered... I call it..


Acrylic painting is a recent discovery for me, and I must admit now in my autumn years.. I feel like a late bloomer. Photography had always been my passion.

I moved to NSW from interstate in 2018 after my life circumstances came to to a crashing end… Having no more to lose and starting over with literally nothing but my only companion Max, an 8 year old Nova Scotia Tolling Retriever cross Kelpie, I am now walking a new path in life which has led me to this new founded creative expression.

The untapped joy I have discovered has touched me so profoundly, I'm sure you understand this as an artistic person yourself whether an admirer or creator.

The subject matter I focus on is new beginnings, adventures, unexpectedness and survival. I love painting with the pallette knife mostly, bright colours and letting my imagination run free..a totally new experience for me...

I hope you enjoy the feelings your eye and imagination may discover.

All the best and thanks again for your time.


Angelic Portal