Jenny Barnard

Jenny Barnard

For a period of time last year, the town where I live ( Senlis. 40km from Paris ), was all abuzz by the news that the celebrated musician and songwriter 'Sting' was living amongst us! A fellow englishman of whom I have great admiration for. Unfortunately I never had the opportunity to meet him personally, but his presence in our old cobbled streets did inspire me to paint him. And so he became the first in my series of portrait paintings named 'Touches of Gold'. This collection of acrylic paintings in black and white (with a touch of gold) comprises of a select few 'iconic' personnages from the world of music (Jazz, blues, rock ...). The gold that touches each monochrome painting highlights that significant 'something' to that particular artist.
For example, in the portrait of Josephine Baker I have chosen to highlight, in gold, a pair of magnificent Art Deco earings. Such as Josephine would have worn with splendour.

I recollect that my first lesson at art school taught me this: 'the most important space of any illustration, design or painting are the 'white spaces'. That is to say those spaces that you leave blank. Here I have turned that concept on it's head. The areas of black are the most important. They define the structure and the impression of the painting.

I am British. I studied and worked in illustration, design and fine art in Britain and have continued to do so since my arrival here in France some years ago.
I have had the privilege of staging exhibitions of my work not only here in France, but also the UK and the United States.

'Jenny Barnard Creations' encompasses not only my online boutique but my 'Galerie' too. Original canvasses from my studio here in Senlis.
The majority of the commissions I receive are for private residences and interior designers.