Jenny Rainbow Fine Art Photography

Jenny Rainbow Fine Art Photography

About Jenny RainbowMy real name is Evgeniya Vlasova, but historically has come that my nick name - Jenny Rainbow also known as my artistic and photographer's pseudonym became my second name.
I am moving a lot overseas, influenced by many different cultures... By my graduation Im a Fine Art artist and my specialty was design and painting, but when digital camera's technology starts its glorious way I changed a direction and now Im dealing only with photography, but very often using in images the Fine Art techniques and effects.
Photography is my passion & the camera is my great faithful partner, anywhere I go. Actually my photography is kind of language Im speaking to the world and the way to share the beauty of this planet with all of you...
My second passion is nature, which inspiring, giving an energy and healing me all the time.
Well, Im not feeling myself in a mission, but Im happy to see and hear by your feedback that my works bringing to you the warmth, positive energy, inspiration, joy and feel of the Earth beauty.
It makes the difference. It makes to feel the world much friendly and closer...
Photography for me is a spiritual multilingual way to get in touch with other hearts. I will be truly happy if you will find a work which you would love to have on your walls as my heartfelt message filled with love and harmony!

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