Nature Pop

Nature Pop


Thanks for viewing my art! My name is Jenn and I'm an avid hiker, nature enthusiast and artist. I was born in SanFrancisco, grew up in Rohnert Park CA, and currently reside in beautiful Cohasset CA- just north of Chico. My profile picture was taken near the top of Brokeoff Mountain in Lassen National Park. One of the great benefits to living in Northern California is the proximity to phenomenal hiking.

I want my paintings to reflect how being in nature makes me feel. The focus of my art is not to paint realistic representations of anything- there are far better painters and photographers for that. I want to create art that invokes the feelings you have when you're staring in awe of a natural phenomena, day dreaming, or exploring the unknown. I want my art to make you feel the pride and awesome accomplishment of hiking to the top of a huge mountain; or feel humbled by looking into the night sky and realizing that you're just a small spec in the unimaginably immense and intricate universe.

A HUGE thank you to Carl Kalagorgevich who created the digital versions of my paintings. He's the best, and you can contact him at

If you would like custom art, or have any questions, please email me directly at

Stay tuned for more art coming soon- including some new star-scapes done in oil paint!

Dream big,
Jenn Nelson

Oil Paintings by Jenn

Acrylic Paintings by Jenn