Jennifer Lynn - Canadian Artist

Jennifer Lynn - Canadian Artist

I only sell prints online. If you're interested in an original please contact me via email.

I am a Canadian Artist, who is a card carrying member of Federation of Canadian Artists - originally formed by some of my heros in Canadian Art - The Group of Seven. I have been drawing and painting for 37 years.

I am formally trained and educated in Fine Art and Fine Art History. After a lengthy sabbatical I have found my soul again and I am launching an entirely new series that I will be showing here and in a gallery in Ontario Canada in the near future.

I am available for commissioned work - painting, sketches, sculpture, pottery, illustrations, book covers, and 3D virtual art. Please email me or msg me for a quote. If there is a work I am showing on this page that you would like to purchase the original of or you would like a custom drawing or painting done, please contact me. Contact me at

I have studied under many professional artists across the span of my interest in the arts. As a Chef I studied under amazing Chefs and as an Artist I gave myself no less of a trial. My painting influences are definitely from Michal Manson, Ken Danby, Tim Burton, Tom Thomson, Frida Kahlo, Kandinsky, Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, Claude Monet and as you can well see in some cases Edvard Munch.

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