Jennifer Lynn - Canadian Artist

Jennifer Lynn - Canadian Artist

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Jennifer Lynn was born in Kitchener, Ontario Canada in 1966. Being the youngest of five in a single parent family cultivated her considerable imagination. She invented toys the family simply could not afford to supply. She sculpted homes out of cardboard, fashioned clothes, and built entire landscapes. Two very talented grandmothers taught her construction and sculpture, and her exceptionally talented Mother taught her how to sketch, guiding her to a life of visual art and hands-on creativity.

In public school and high school she won awards for her paintings, drawings and books. Encouraged by her friends and family, she went on to study Fine Art and Fine Art History at Wilfrid Laurier University in Waterloo, under the mentorship of Michal Manson, and was featured in the Robert Langen Art Gallery in the late 1980s. In love with math as much as art, she also majored in Economics, graduating in 1989. The graduation present from her family - her first leather portfolio case - is one that she still uses today.

Initially a realist painter, Jennifer Lynn modeled her work after Alex Colville and Ken Danby. While her sketch work is certainly comparable, her painting style kept pulling her back to images from the Group of Seven, Kandinsky and Monet. After years of honing her style she learned that capturing the emotion of the scene, or the experience of it, was a much more satisfying journey. Her recent abstracts bring together her two passions, bringing geometry into conversation with impressionism. She paints in both acrylic and oil and prefers to combine the two, oil over acrylic.

Jennifer's work is hanging in the TAG Art Gallery in St. Catharines Ontario Canada and has been recently featured in Lynn Lawler's Art Blog, at The Hub On Queen in Niagara Falls and at Niagara Night of Art, and she is a veteran of the St. Catherine's Art Battle; all of which have generated a strong demand for commissioned work. Jennifer Lynn, a member of the Federation of Canadian Artists, is also a sculptor, graphic artist and 3D modelist. However, painting is, and always has been, her first love.

Jennifer now resides in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada. She moved to the Niagara Region because the crowds and colours of the Niagara Region, hiking the Escarpment, and traveling through Canadian Wine Country, inspire her work daily.

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