Jen Hallbrown Art

Jen Hallbrown Art

Born in San Francisco and raised in the small costal town of Point Reyes Station, Jen grew up with a love and appreciation for beauty and unspoken depths that can only be conveyed through art.The oldest of three children her rebellious nature and fierce independence veered her from a prestigious education as a straight-A student. Instead, she opted for a life of waitressing and bartending which, eventually, landed her in Jamestown. Forced to quit working after a long struggle with diabetes bled arthritis, neuropathy, depression, and generalized anxiety disorder through out her body and mind, Jen followed in the footsteps of many of her family members, and picked up a pencil and a paintbrush. She is the mother of one amazing son. They live in Jamestown, CA with their dog Hazel and three cats, Asha, Sophie, and Ghost.

I come from a family littered with exceptional artists, so I never really gave myself a whole lot of credit in that respect. I stuck mostly to writing growing up, using it as an outlet for an anxiety disorder. Upon transitioning to adulthood, I crept away from creative expression and buried myself in hard work and hard play. Eventually pushed by life to slow down and rewind myself, I picked up a pencil, intending to write. I found myself at a loss for words and drawing instead. All that weighed wordless on my heart and mind poured forth visually on to paper. What started as my salvation has now become my passion.

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