Jenksies Arts

Jenksies Arts

I am an artist who loves to draw anything really. I mostly do cartoon pictures for children but I also move onto all sorts. I sketch my work in pencil and only once I am happy with the masterpiece will I then outline in a black marker before painting in acrylic paint. Once all paint is dry I go round the outlines once more with a black marker to make sure my work stands out a treat. I like a challenge and I'm sure in time to come I will receive some requests and believe me I'm ready to try draw anything thrown in front of me.
believe me when i say NO JOB IS TOO SMALL AND NO JOB IS TOO BIG.
And now with coronations coming to an end I can finally take bookings for Wall murals drawn straight on your wall by
I sell my artwork mostly from
For all those people who would like to make a request please don't hesitate in messaging me on my Facebook work page
i am looking forward to hearing from you
My aim........ To have my art on walls world wide :)


Matt groening gave me ideas


Super heroes

works of art to date