Icons by JJ


Orthodox icons
JELIO MARINOV JELEV Was born on June 22.1950 in the city of Burgas.He studied from 1973-1975 and completed the course at the School of Arts and Crafts. In 1975 was accepted as a member of the Creativity Fund of the Bulgarian Artist Union. He worked in the sphere of ancient colored glass and iconography since 1975� He has participated in exhibitions and his works are privately owned all over the world. His icons have been given in the name of the government of the Republic of Bulgaria to diplomats, as well as to His Holiness Pope John Paull II, His Holiness Aleksii II patriarch of whole Russia, Ecumenical Patriarch Vartolomeus and many others� The next pictures show some handmade copies of old Bulgarian icons. They are carried out in strong correspondence with old iconography traditions on pinewood with canvas and yolk tempera. Because of the large selection, you can make your selection in the corresponding catalogues. Depending on the size and complexity, your order will be completed in a period of time and at a price, which you will be satisfied.