Jeleata Nicole - Fine Art

Jeleata Nicole - Fine Art

Jeleata Nicole is a Philadelphia area based artist, wife and mother of 3 children. For 15 years, her passion has been for the fine arts, particularly pencil portrait renditions, while also doing custom small scale murals. The ability to realistically capture an individuals personality, present emotions and feelings through an artistic snapshot has always driven her to be passionate about her portrait work. The first she did a commission portrait for someone, what resonated the most with her was the “look of not only excitement, but pure emotion for the subject represented”. It was quickly solidified at that point that portrait work would be a driving force for her for years to come. Influenced at an early age by a mother and father both with artistic talent themselves and later by her high school art teacher, Jeleata Nicole has always had a great support system with which to nurture her talents.

Because of the passionate and creative personality she has always possessed, Jeleata Nicole has taken her artwork on a long journey through many mediums, styles and influences. For many years, she has stuck to her to her first love, depiction portraits of individuals with a goal to channel the subjects emotional state to the viewer. She has always found that charcoal and pencil has given her unique talent the best forum with which to create the transferable emotions necessary. As time has progressed though, so has her artwork. After dipping her brush into acrylic works, she recently began working with oils which has allowed her to rediscover a love for a side of art she had not realized was there. The ability to bring forth the vibrant color palette oil paints allow while still maintaining the intricate details shes always found important has resulted in a new expansive line of artwork she can be proud of.

Her portfolio at this point has diversified past just her pencil and paint works. Influenced by 2 important life events she has branched out into 2 new artistic forums as a result. First was her wedding, where Jeleata Nicole took it upon herself to create a memorable experience by hand painting chalkboard signs for her special day. Since than she has now ushered that into creating specialty chalkboard signs for baby showers, weddings, wedding showers, restaurants and even country clubs. The 2nd life event was the birth of her son in 2016. Diagnosed with Plagiocephaly, he was required to wear a cranial helmet for 6 months. Nicole looked at the helmet as a blank canvas with which to bring a more excited type of attention to her son. It quickly expanded into a passion which led to her developing Cranial Creations and Beyond, a business dedicated to the artistic transformation of wearable medical devices. She has recently partnered with “Helmets for Hope”, a charitable foundation which helps families in need when insurance refuses to cover costs.

In 2016, Jeleata Nicole was one of 28 artists selected to participate in the Donkeys Around Town public arts initiative in Philadelphia. She painted 2 of the 57 fiberglass donkeys that were displayed in Center City Philadelphia during the Democratic National Convention. She was also voted Top Emerging Artist at the Manayunk Arts Festival in 2015. She was also selected to display her artwork at Philadelphia City Hall for the “All That Jazz” event. You can now find Jeleata Nicole's artwork both nationally and internationally in schools, cafes, country clubs, homes of private collectors and more.