Jeff Cunningham

Jeff Cunningham

Jeff Cunninghams' new series of paintings depict magical twilight scenes over the rooftops of Edinburgh and Glasgow.

"A few months ago, on returning to Edinburgh from Tuscany, I was struck by the unique light we have in the north and the magical effect it has almost every night over our heads in the summer months.... Deeply moving; magical, mystical and in most cases, unseen. We take for granted that our skies will appear in the same way tomorrow, safe in the knowledge that we can go to the comfort of our own homes and view a much brighter, sharper and supposedly more interesting scene at the click of a button.

These twilight scenes are in fact unique in every second of their existence, constantly shifting and if not seen in the moment, will be cast to the winds forever..

Yet we're barely aware of the silent, theatrical magic at work right above us; we take natural phenomenon for a given and we seldom look at anything out-with the confines of a screen.

So lets start looking up, looking out over to a place where beautiful architecture and design sits hidden away and where magic can happen at any moment as the city takes a collective sigh of relief before the dark, inky veil of night descends".