Jeevanlal - Avatar paintings

Jeevanlal - Avatar paintings

Jeevanlal’s avatar paintings are inspired by the Indian sculptures, Indian paintings, and the Kerala mural paintings. Characters depicted in the paintings are mostly the hero’s (avatars) from the Indian mythologies like the Mahabharata and Ramayana. As the paintings depict the mythological hero’s (Avatar’s) they are called the Avatar paintings.

Big eyes, raised nose, small lips, and big ornaments give the painting a new nature and look to the painting.
You can find the Indian, Christian, numerical, scriptural symbols in the painting according to the character's portrait in it.

To depict the supernatural powers of the avatars the characters are drawn with a huge head and half-closed big eyes. As the character comes down from head to the body, the body gets narrow. The paintings are drawn in a flat manner without giving any 3-dimensional feel to it which gives a new feel to the painting.

Kerala mural paintings are drawn using only the basic 5 colors red, yellow, orange, green and black. Jeevanlal has used the same colors to draw most of his paintings.

The subjects of the painting are taken from the scenes of the Indian and Christian mythologies.

Krishna, Rama, Shiva, Brahma, Ganapathi, Parvathi, Lekshmi form the avatars in the paintings.

You can find the Indian version of the Christian characters and scene’s in his paintings.

His paintings doesn’t show the …
So this stands as the avatar paintings.